Cleaning Sandstone Tiles

These Sandstone floor tiles installed in the front room of a house in Bramhall were looking grey with no natural colour due to heavy soiling from family pets and muddy boots.

Sandstone Floor Bramhall Before Cleaning

Cleaning Sandstone Floor Tiles

Cleaning the Sandstone was a straightforward process of applying a dilution of
Tile Doctor Pro-Clean which is a commercial grade alkaline tile cleaning product designed for use on natural stone floors such as Sandstone, being an alkaline it doesn’t eat into the stone like acid cleaners. The solution was left to dwell for a while before working it into the stone with a rotary machine fitted with a black scrubbing pad. The resultant soiled solution was removed using wet vacuum and the floor washed down, there were still a few stubborn areas and the grout needed a good clean with more Pro-Clean and a stiff brush run along the grout lines.

Once I was happy with the condition of the floor any remaining cleaning solution was removed from the floor using a wet vacuum and the stone given a thorough rinse and left to dry.

The floor looked much improved however the customer on this occasion didn’t want the floor sealed which is a shame as a sealer really adds life to a floor and makes it easier to clean as a result this floor will soon discolour.

Sandstone Floor Bramhall After Cleaning

Source: Sandstone Tile Cleaning Services in Cheshire

Cleaning and Sealing Indian Sandstone

These beautiful Indian Sandstone tiles were installed on the ground floor of a house near Macclesfield and as you can see from the photographs had become heavily soiled which was masking the true natural colours in the stone resulting in a dark grey appearance.

Indian Sandstone Floor Macclesfield Before Cleaning

Cleaning Indian Sandstone Floor Tiles

To get the tiles clean I let them soak in a strong dilution of Tile Doctor Pro-Clean for a while before working the cleaning agent in with a rotary machine fitted with a black scrubbing pad. The Pro-Clean also acts as a stripper so this process will remove any remaining sealer on the surface of the tile as well as the dirt.

Additionally all the grout lines were scrubbed by hand using more Pro-Clean and stiff scrubbing brushes. The remaining soiled solution was then removed from the floor using a wet vacuum and the tiles given a thorough rinse rinsed and left to dry completely with any stubborn marks re-treated using the same process.

Sealing Indian Sandstone Floor Tiles

Once I was satisfied the floor was dry it was sealed using Tile Doctor Seal and Go which is a topical sealer that leaves an attractive low sheen finish and smooth surface, it’s also a water based sealer so there is no smell.

Indian Sandstone Floor Macclesfield After Cleaining

Source: Sandstone Tile Cleaner in Cheshire